Pixie Tattoo Ideas

Written by rebecca deluccia-reinstein
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Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Fairy tattoos come in a variety of styles. (fairy graffiti image by Michele goglio from Fotolia.com)

A pixie tattoo symbolises many things depending on the style. Pixies, or mischievous fairies, typically depict a playful nature or free spirited individual. Augment the design with colourful details and different characteristics to make the pixie tattoo one of a kind. Butterfly wings provide the chance to expand the pixie's design and a floral element brings out the earthy nature of the creature. Use dark colours and mystical accessories for something exciting and distinct. Traditional pixies make great first tattoos.


A pixie with bright butterfly wings stands out and combines two common themes-- the fairy and the butterfly. Select hues based on personal preference or go with a classic butterfly colour scheme such as black and orange, similar to the style of a monarch.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Butterfly wings enhance a regular pixie tattoo. (butterfly image by Sergey Kolesnikov from Fotolia.com)


A colourless pixie tattoo uses shades of grey to define the design. Colour is rarely used in a typical black and grey style tattoo, although small enhancements done in colour sometimes add to the look.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Black and grey pixie tattoos rely on the artist's skill to represent the image. (small fairy image by Alexander Potapov from Fotolia.com)


Floral pixie tattoos are perfect for people who possess a closeness to nature. Create a flower-inspired pixie or use a favourite bloom as the base for a pixie seat. Wrap flowers around the pixie or enhance the frame of the tattoo to include flowers without altering the pixie itself.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Flowers embellish plain pixie tattoos. (fairy image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.com)


A gothic pixie differs from the standard designs and really shows off the person's individual style. Purple clothing, black-and-white striped stockings and tattoos of her own make this type of pixie tattoo distinct.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
People who prefer dark designs that stray from the norm love gothic-style pixie tattoos. (gothic girl image by Jarek Miarka from Fotolia.com)


A pixie tattoo created in memorial to a loved one who has passed on serves as a wonderful tribute to a free spirit. Have the artist design the pixie in likeness to the person or include the name and date to signify the memorial.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
A memorial pixie tattoo pays homage to a loved one who has passed on. (in loving memory of image by stoffies from Fotolia.com)


A mystical pixie tattoo includes a bit of magic to enhance the design and personalise it to the person's style. A magic wand spreading stars or a burst of fairy dust trailing behind the flying pixie adds to the mystical element.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
A magic wand contributes to a mystical pixie tattoo look. (young fairy image by Alexander Potapov from Fotolia.com)


Instead of a traditional portrait-style tattoo, get a pixie with the same characteristics of the admired person. Hair style, facial features and body type make the pixie look like the person as long as the tattoo artist is skilled. A beautifully scrolled name below the image completes the portrait pixie tattoo.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
A pixie tattoo designed to look like someone proudly displays the tattooed person's adoration for that individual. (tattoo image by shime from Fotolia.com)


Men who want a pixie tattoo or people who desire something fun and exciting enjoy a sexy rendition of the classic fairy. A provocative pose or revealing clothing make the otherwise sweet pixie tattoo sexy.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
A sexy pixie tattoo typically includes a beautiful female figure. (winter fairy 01 image by LadyInBlack from Fotolia.com)


A traditional pixie tattoo offers the perfect design for first timers new to tattooing. A delicate fairy style pixie sitting on a mushroom or spreading its wings in flight looks great on any part of the body.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Pixie tattoos done in a tarditional style look good any anyone. (fatina image by Cat from Fotolia.com)


Tribal pixie tattoos look quite different than any other style of fairy. Using only black outlines and rich, curvy lines, a tribal-style pixie is truly uncommon. No shading and limited colour enhancements are vital to a classic tribal style tattoo.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas
Tribal tattoos use thick black lines and lots of curves to complete the look. (heart-shape tattoo image by Aleksej Kostin from Fotolia.com)

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