60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

The 60th wedding anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary. Diamond jewellery is popular, but some people are not comfortable purchasing diamond rings or watches for their parents. Inspired by the gems, some may choose gifts that use the colour white. Anniversary gifts for your parents' 60th wedding anniversary can be an expression of appreciation for the time and effort they spent raising you and everything they've done for you.

Go White

White anniversary gifts mimic the look of diamonds, but without the expensive price tag. Let your budget dictate how far you take the white idea. If you have a larger budget, treat your parents to a day at a local day spa, preferably one where guests get to keep their white robes and slippers. A less expensive idea is a dozen white roses. Place the roses in a cut-crystal vase, which also mimics the look of diamonds, or simply tie the roses with a silver ribbon. A glass paperweight in the shape of a diamond or a set or crystal goblets also follows the theme. Give your parents something that looks like diamonds.

Diamond Gifts

Because the 60th anniversary is the diamond anniversary, diamonds are appropriate gifts for the occasion. Jewellery is the most popular choice, and rings, necklaces, bracelets, money clips, tie clips and cuff links are available. If you're looking for something special, consider giving them a set of matching diamond watches. For a nonjewelry gift, buy a clock with diamonds on the numbers or another home accessory featuring the gems. Alternatively, buy your parents a few stocks in a large diamond company.

From the White House

The United States Government offers citizens a special gift, in the form of a greeting from the president of the United States. The greeting is only available for special occasions, including birthday greetings for those 80 years or older and anniversary greetings for those celebrating any anniversary after the 50th. You must order the gift ahead of time; after your request is processed, the White House staff ships the greeting ten days before the event, allowing plenty of time for your parents to receive the greeting. Your parents will receive a signed happy anniversary letter from the president himself. You can even request that the greeting be sent to your house so you can have it framed your parents' anniversary.

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