Tile Paint Colors

If the tile in your home is outdated or clashes with your accessories, you can save yourself the hassle of replacing it by painting it instead. A wide variety of epoxy paint colours are available for ceramic tile--whether you're looking for pastels, neutrals or vibrant jewel tones. Tile paints are waterproof and durable, so colours won't flake like standard interior paint.

Kitchen Tile Colors

Tiles are a favourite for kitchen surfaces because they're easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. From the countertops to the ceiling and backsplash, many kitchens combine tiles of different materials for decorative and utilitarian purposes. Granite tiles make strong countertops and provide an earthy backdrop for a modern or contemporary colour palette. A crimson or sapphire back splash livens up the room. Add contrast, light and a spacious feel with neutral shades. Going neutral also gives you maximum versatility for changing the cabinets or accessories in the future.

Bathroom Tile Colors

For bathrooms, white is a classic tile colour because it creates that crisp, spacious look you want in a bathroom. Creamy white with turquoise, yellow or pale green tiles present a spa-like feel that generally goes well with silver and glass bathroom fixtures. If you're leaning towards more colour, use earth tones for a serene space or cool blue or green wall tiles with white furniture. Simplify the floors with taupe or white, and add splashes of colour with a bathmat, vibrant shower curtain, towels or fresh-cut flowers. Consider painting tiles around a white floor or bathtub black to establish clean lines.

Ceiling Tile Colors

Older homes often have stamped ceiling tiles while modern homes usually have aluminium ceiling tiles or none at all. You can use latex paint on either tin or aluminium tiles; both are easy to paint and usually only require two coats. Preserve a romantic, Victorian look with cream or off-white colours. Painting your ceiling the same colour as your walls gives a room continuity while going a shade or two lighter adds the illusion of height to your ceilings.

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