Ideas for Swedish Picnic Food

Updated April 17, 2017

Traditional Swedish food is similar to other Northern European cuisines: simple and hearty, fish being a major component. The colloquial expression "smorgasbord" is actually a Swedish word that represents a common way of eating a meal --- by means of many small dishes. This is also a common way of having a picnic in the country, with many of the popular dishes being packed up and eaten out in nature.

Kottbullar (Swedish Meatballs)

Swedish meatballs are either made from one or a combination of ground pork, veal or beef. They can be either baked in the oven or pan-fried, though the latter gives a better result. These can be used for a dinner the night before and taken for a picnic the next day. They can be served cold and are great on bread with cheese, or served on their own with a standard gjetost cheese sauce for dipping.

Inlagd Sill (Salted Herring)

Salted herring is a popular cold fish that is easy to transport and common at meals. Slices can be placed on top of rye bread with some cheese to make a sandwich, or eaten plain with pickled red onions.

Gravad Lax (Cured Salmon)

Gravad lax is one of the most famous Swedish dishes. The fish is cured in a marinade of sugar, salt and dill for up to a week. It is generally sliced thinly and placed on crackers or rye bread with cheese or a mustard sauce. This is an easy and transportable dish for picnics and features heavily in most appetizers in Sweden.

Smorgastarta (Sandwich Cake)

One large sandwich cake is also a good Swedish picnic food as it can be the only dish taken along; an entire cake is just sliced and served in individual portions.. A smorgastarta consists of layers of white bread with savoury fillings in between. Cold cuts, sliced cured fish, olives and cheese are standard ingredients.

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