Home Water Filters That Also Remove Flouride

Written by danielle hill | 13/05/2017
Home Water Filters That Also Remove Flouride
Many household filtration systems will remove the fluoride from fluoridated tap water. (faucet image by Lynne Davis from Fotolia.com)

Chances are, you can find it in your tube of toothpaste or in the water from your tap: fluoride is frequently used in small amounts to combat tooth decay. While its use is supported by such organisations as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, widespread fluoridation also attracts criticism from groups such as the Fluoride Action Network. If you wish to remove the fluoride from your drinking water, several filters will do the job.

Crystal Quest Fluoride Water Filters

Crystal Quest manufactures a number of water filters that remove fluoride from drinking water. The filters use synthetic aluminum oxide, also known as activated alumina, an absorbent medium which works with all pH values and is one of the Environmental Protection Agency's approved means of removing fluoride. In addition to fluoride removal, aluminum oxide filters out lead and arsenic. Crystal Quest offers several fluoride filtration models ranging in price from £64 to £142 as of September 2010. The filters are installed either on the countertop or under the sink. To remove fluoride from all of the running water in your home, you can install Crystal Quest's "Whole House" filters. Whole house filters range from £809 to £3,019.

Pure Earth Fluoride Water Filters

Also using activated alumina, Pure Earth's filters remove fluoride as well as chlorine, metals and chemicals. The filtration system consists of two filters, one containing activated alumina and the other using KDF/GAC technologies. KDF uses a copper and zinc alloy while GAC, or granulated activated carbon, is derived from high-grade coconut shells. Countertop models are available with double-filter or triple-filter designs for £97.1 to £116.6 as of September 2010. Under-sink models come with solid brass faucet hardware and use the same filtration technology. Prices range from £116.6 to £149.1. Other Pure Earth filter products include an "in-line" fluoride filter to add fluoride-removal to a regular filtration system, and sediment filters, attachments specially designed for high-sediment tap water.

PROMOLife Fluoride Filter

PROMOLife's fluoride filtration systems use a range of technologies. The Two or Three Stage Countertop Fluoride Filters use bone char filters, carbon block filters and, in the three-stage versions, KDF/GAC filters. The bone char also effectively removes heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides. The two-stage system costs £116.9 and the three-stage costs £149.4, as of September 2010. Another of PROMOLife's filter systems combines reverse osmosis and deionisation to remove 99.999 per cent of fluoride from tap water and 100 per cent of salts and other impurities. The five-step reverse osmosis system costs £259.90.

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