Lighting Ideas for a Massage Room

Updated November 21, 2016

A massage room is a place of peace and tranquillity, and one way to create a relaxing atmosphere is to use proper lighting. The right lighting can complement the other elements of the room, from colours and patterns to plants and throw pillows. While the right lighting can make the room, the wrong lighting can ruin the atmosphere and the mood.

Wall Lighting

Instead of mounting lights on the ceiling where they are direct and imposing, mount lights high on the walls. A number of different styles of wall sconces are available, so something is bound to fit into the decor of any massage therapy room. Consider coloured or frosted glass in the sconces, and hook the lights up to a dimmer switch. This way, the client can get ready for the massage and get dressed with plenty of light in the room, but it's easy to turn down the brightness during the massage.


Candles add some extra light to a room without becoming blinding or overpowering. Take a small tray or bowl. (For a personal touch, a dog or cat food dish works perfectly for candle holders.) Place three or four pillar candles of varying heights into the tray, and fill with enough coloured sand or glass beads to hold the candles steady. Place on a nearby shelf or small table. Scented candles also add to the atmosphere of relaxation.


If there are windows in the massage room, cover them with something that blocks the outside light completely. Heavy wooden slat blinds covered with curtains or drapes complement the decor while keeping the light out and maintaining the privacy of the room. When the room is not in use, blinds make it easy to open the windows and air out the room.

Fish Tank

Another source of ambient lighting is a fish tank. A glass tank positioned at the head of the massage table or in front of a massage chair not only provides some muted light, but wavy, indistinct shadows also play across the walls and ceiling, which is particularly effective if the room has a light-coloured decor. The fish tank also has the added benefit of giving the client a relaxing, peaceful and ever-changing scene to watch.

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