Games to Guess the Weight of a Baby

Updated March 23, 2017

Playing baby shower games is a popular way to celebrate motherhood and break the ice between your family and friends who may not know each other. There are plenty of common games to choose from, ranging from the mild to the wild, that are sure to get your guests laughing and chatting. Start your games early in the shower in order to set the mood for a good time and make sure to get everyone's attention before starting--that way no one will miss the rules.

Day, Time, Weight and Length

Pass around one or two pages from a calendar in the months that the baby is expected to arrive. Instruct the guests to put their initials on the day they expect baby to be born. Reserve the other side of the calendar for guests' predictions about time, weight and length of the baby. The only catch is that guests must pay a dollar for each prediction--but if they guess the most things correctly, they receive all the money (or another prize).

Jelly bean Bag

The goal of this game is to guess the current weight of the baby, so it is best played close to the baby's due date when mom is at her biggest size. Fill a sack with jelly beans that match the weight of the unborn baby, then pass around the sack and ask guests to guess how much it weighs. Suggest that participants add decimal points to their guesses (i.e. 3.04kg., 3.08kg.), especially if you have lots of guests. The person closest to the correct number wins the bag of jelly beans.

Tummy String

This classic game is used to guess the girth of the mother's pregnant tummy. Pass around a ball of string and scissors (or toilet paper, since you can just rip it instead of cutting it) to your guests. Have each one cut a length of string to wrap around mom's belly. Have the mom-to-be "try on" each of the strings one at a time, and the one closest to her actual size wins. A word of caution: avoid this game if the mom-to-be is sensitive about her weight gain, since players often overcompensate when cutting their strings.

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