Wording ideas for baby shower cards

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are going to a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child, it is likely you will give the mother-to-be a card at the event. The wording that you use inside the baby shower card should be positive and encouraging, especially if this will be the mother's first child. There are several appropriate ways to word a baby shower card.

Simple Wording

If you are attending a baby shower for an expectant mother with whom you are not close, a short and encouraging message is an appropriate choice. This will allow you to express your support and well wishes for the baby's delivery. Some ideas for a short, simple message are:

"Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery."

"Congratulations on your new baby!"

"May you have a lifetime of joy ahead with your new baby!"

"Best wishes to you and your new little one."

Poetic Wording

Pregnancy can be a very emotional and stressful time for a woman, especially as her due date draws nearer. A cute, baby-related poem or verse will bring a smile to the mother-to-be's face and remind her of the happy change she is about to encounter in life. Some ideas for poetic baby shower card wording include:

"May your new baby fill your life with happy days,

In so many special little ways."

"Your new little one is on the way, can't wait to meet baby on that special day!"

"Soon you'll meet your pride and joy,

Congratulations on your baby boy!"

"Her pink-cheeked face and darling curls,

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!"

Second Child Wording

If the mother-to-be is expecting her second or third child, the wording you use in the card should reflect this. Craft a simple phrase or poem that acknowledges her other child as well, such as:

"I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family!"

"Wishing you and your growing family all the best."

"Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your second child."

Religious Wording

If the mother-to-be is religious, it is perfectly acceptable to include a reference to God in your baby shower card. This will express your understanding of her faith during a very important time in her life. Examples of religious wording are:

"We are excited that God has blessed you with the upcoming arrival of your new baby."

"A baby is a blessing sent from God, and I am sure your new little one will be blessed with great parents!"

"God bless your pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby."

"I am praying for a fast and safe delivery of your new baby."

Wording for Multiples

If the mother-to-be is expecting multiples, word your shower card accordingly. In so doing, you'll be expressing support for her special situation while acknowledging all of her upcoming children. Some suggestions include:

"Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your twins!"

"Two babies to wash and two to dry,

Two to argue and two to cry,

Two to kiss and two to hug,

But best of all, two to love!"

"I am excited to celebrate with you the upcoming birth of your triplets."

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