Nightclub Theme Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Successful nightclubs can enjoy a boost in sales by holding a themed party. Special occasions give partygoers the chance to dress up especially for the night and promoters can maximise their events with decorations, fun competitions and specialist DJs who have experience in playing a particular style of music. Themed nights are perfect for creating a one-off atmosphere that leaves clubbers hungry for more and the very best events can be repeated on a regular basis.

Beach Party

A beach party theme night creates a fun environment that caters to clubbers of any description. Dress codes can be relaxed for the evening and partygoers will enjoy the opportunity to wear sundresses, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts and sandals. DJs can get the crowd rolling by playing a host of popular summer tunes, and classic hits from The Beach Boys and The Surfaris will also be popular.

1960s and 1970s Theme

A '60s-and-'70s-themed night can be fantastic for attracting older customers, especially when dressing from the era is encouraged. Expect a flood of mods, rockers, hippies and glam rockers to hit the dance floor to a succession of hits from two of the most notable decades in musical history. Add to the fun by getting staff to dress up as famous musical icons from each era. The use of psychedelic projector images creating paisley-style patterns on the walls can add to the ambience. For a true 1970s experience, why not create a multicoloured dance floor that epitomises the original disco era?

James Bond Casino Night

For a more formal type of nightclub event, hire an outside entertainments company to set up a temporary casino around the perimeter of the dance floor. Market the themed evening as a James Bond Casino Night event and hold a fancy dress competition for the best Bond, the best Bond girl and the best Bond baddy. Casino nights are particularly appropriate for fund-raising and charity events and can attract a level of clientele with additional money to spend at the bar. Make the casino section of the evening successful by issuing 100 play chips per person upon entry and providing an attractive prize for the player who makes the biggest profit during the event.

Live Music Night

Give your resident DJ the night off by holding a live music event featuring up-and-coming bands from your local area. As well as giving regular club visitors a break from their usual night out, the club is sure to attract additional customers that enjoy live music or who follow one of the bands playing. Tribute bands are particularly popular, but don't disregard raw talent that thrives on energy or an enterprising new sound. In years to come, your club may be linked to a world-famous band in the same way The Beatles are linked to the legendary Cavern Club.

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