Things to do at adult slumber parties

Updated March 23, 2017

Slumber parties can be fun, whether the slumber party is all women or even mixed. An adult slumber party --- especially one with consenting adults --- can offer a range of games and activities that can help pass the night by. If you and your friends are up for a night of adult fun, you can organise a slumber party that will give you plenty of things to do until the sun comes up.

Slumber Party Food

Pizza and finger foods such as chicken wings, cheese sticks and nachos are easy-to-make foods that can be made in advance and nibbled on all night. A selection of soft drinks for guests who don't drink alcohol is also a good idea. You can also cook with your guests in the kitchen before moving on to the less formal area for the night.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a classic game that many people have played at one time or more in their lives. It's a great game to play at an adult slumber party, where the truth can become more shocking and the dares more challenging than when you were a kid. An alternative take on this game is to have all of the guests write several truth questions and dares, place them in a pillow case, and take turns drawing from the pillow case.

Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle can be fun for mixed slumber parties. It's obviously a game that can only be played if all of the people present are consenting. But if they are, it will be much less awkward and much more enjoyable now that you're all grown up.

Dress Up

Playing dress up is a traditional part of teenage girl slumber parties. It can also be a hit at adult slumber parties, primarily with all women. If you've got an open-minded group of guys, you may be able to get them in on the action for some extra laughs.

Movie Night

Stay up all night with a horror movie (or any genre) marathon, complete with popcorn, candy and other movie treats. Adult movies (the kind you couldn't watch as a kid) can be an interesting twist on a movie night slumber party.

Charades and Pillow Case Race

Break guests into teams and have relay races in pillow cases. Have team members race across the room and back in a pillow case. Play Charades with an adult twist by making a drinking game of it.

Adult Card and Board Games

Some board games come with an adult rating on it. You can find games online or at novelty or adult stores. Twister is another fun slumber party games. Play it the old-fashioned and wholesome way, or play it with your spouse or boyfriend to heat things up a bit. It's just like when you were a kid, except you don't have to worry about your parents walking in. Card games, such as strip poker --- or just regular poker --- are fun at slumber parties. Add another adult element to the game by placing bets, either real or in the form of dares or inexpensive junk.


Break out the karaoke machine and host a singing contest in your pyjamas. This is a fun sleepover idea for men and women.

Camping out

Set up several tents and have an outdoor slumber party. A campfire, ghost stories, singing and reading your favourite passages from "Tropic of Cancer" are things you can enjoy as an adult. Consider a skinny-dipping slumber party if you've got a pool. Have a marshmallow and weenie roast to top off an outdoor sleepover.

The Morning After

After sharing a great night, and perhaps too many secrets, enjoy breakfast together the day after the slumber party (or brunch if everybody was up too late). Go out to eat or choose a couple of guests to make a large breakfast for everybody. Better yet, ask all of the slumber party guests to help prepare breakfast in their pyjamas. A pajama party breakfast is a relaxing way to end a night of adult fun.

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