Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A kitchen breakfast bar is a useful feature to have in the kitchen, whether it is an addition or an existing in stallation that has been spruced up. In addition to being a place to eat breakfast, a breakfast bar in the kitchen is an area that can be used as a spot for your guests to socialise with you while you are in the kitchen or it can be a place for you to relax while your dinner is cooking.

Breakfast Bar Addition

If you are in a home that was built without a breakfast bar, then the first step is to build one. By making your own breakfast bar, you can design it to your own specifications, depending on the amount of space that you have available. If you have a small kitchen that was built with a wall in between the kitchen and the living room, then make a hole in the wall that opens the kitchen up to the living area. This not only makes your kitchen seem bigger, but also gives you a space to put a counter top for your breakfast bar. You can put the counter top in the hole that opens up to your living room and this will give you a place to sit and eat.

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

If you have a home with a kitchen that is spacious enough to have a kitchen island, then design this island into your breakfast bar. Instead of having this island as a blank slate in the middle of your kitchen, add stools to the island and a space for storage. You can add small shelves to the side of your island that can hold the salt and pepper shakers when they are not in use as well as the sugar and any other condiments that might be used. Making your kitchen island into a breakfast bar will add a comfortable eating area in your home for yourself or close guests that keep you company while you are in the kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop

For kitchens that have extended counter tops, this is the perfect space to design a breakfast bar. Nothing has to be built in order to make the space a breakfast bar and the only furniture that needs to be added are chairs or bar stools. When adding bar stools, a great, modern idea is to install them directly into the floor if you own the home and are sure of this design idea. This almost gives the breakfast bar the feel of a breakfast bar in a restaurant.

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