Ensuite bathroom ideas

Written by antonia sorin | 13/05/2017
Ensuite bathroom ideas
An ensuite bathroom can be as simple or as luxurious as you choose. (bathroom image by Mikhail Olykainen from Fotolia.com)

Ensuite bathrooms are accessed from within a bedroom, and not from a hall or other room. They are private bathrooms placed only for the use of the individuals using the connecting bedroom. While many master bathrooms are ensuite bathrooms, not all ensuite bathrooms are master bathrooms. An ensuite bathroom can be a good choice for bed and breakfasts, guest bedrooms and homes in which multiple mortgage or rent-paying adults will share the home, but not a bedroom.


Since the ensuite bathroom by it's very nature belongs to a specific bedroom, it is not necessary to provide the same level of separation between the bathroom and the bedroom as with other bathroom. Use a partial wall to separate the wet space from the dry space. A wall that only connects to the floor and the ceiling and not the walls of the room can allow for a good flow in the room for occupants getting ready for their day or night time events.


If you have a smaller space to work with, such as if you are converting a standard room into a bedroom and ensuite bathroom combination, consider using glass to delineate the two spaces. If you are concerned about privacy, use frosted, textured or etched glass for the ensuite bathroom. A glass sink matching the glass walls can tie the space together visually.

Raised Floor

If you really want to make the bedroom seem more separated from the bathroom, use a raised floor. Any typical bathroom flooring can work for a raised bathroom floor. Keep in mind that if your ensuite bathroom is for a bed and breakfast or a rental property, the bathroom won't be wheelchair accessible.

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