Tree stump decorating ideas

Written by marsanne petty | 13/05/2017
Tree stump decorating ideas
Transform a tree stump into a work of art. (Getty creative)

It's typically a difficult job to cut down a tree; the removal of a stump is just as difficult, if not more so. Although these stumps can be problematic, they can also be made into art for the garden. With a little creativity, it's possible to turn a tree stump into focal point of an area. Decorating tree stumps can be a physical process, so it may be helpful to have an assistant.

Impromptu seating

Attach the seat of a chair to a tree stump for an impromptu sitting area. This is an especially good project if the chair has a broken leg. Remove the legs from the chair and settle it onto the tree stump. Mark the corners of the seat on the stump. This is where the chair should be secured to the stump with 75 mm (3-inch) deck screws.

Natural planter

Turn the tree stump into a planter. Hollow out the middle of the stump with a sturdy trowel or shovel and line the inside with chicken wire and sphagnum moss. Plant a larger fern or other decorative shrub in the tree stump. Alternatively, place a potted plant down inside the stump for a visual display that can be changed with the season.

Bottle display

Tuck bottles into the tree stump. Hammer large nails into various sections of the stump, spacing them out like branches. Slide coloured glass bottles onto the nails for a decorative touch. Don't forget to put one or two on the top of the stump as well.

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