Ideas for a Gymnastics Birthday Cake

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a speciality birthday cake with a gymnastics theme takes a little skill and some creativity. Not only do you need it to look good, but it must taste good, too. Make a homemade cake or box variety, mix up your favourite frosting or buy a few ready-made cans. Purchase toppings and decorations or make your own. As long as you put thought and effort into the cake, it will be appreciated.

Personalised Picture

Find a high-quality picture of your gymnast performing or posing in her gym gear. Take it to your local bakery and ask if they can superimpose the picture onto a cake. If you're so inclined, you could make it yourself.

Buy edible ink cartridges. Make sure they are compatible with your scanner/printer. Clean your printer of all ink residues. Insert the edible ink cartridge and set up rice paper or potato starch paper to print on. Scan your photo or upload it to your printer from your computer. Print the picture on the speciality paper and let it dry for at least a minute.

Bake and frost your cake. Carefully place the printed rice paper on the top of the cake. Add any additional frosting or decoration. When it's time to eat the cake, the paper will likely be dissolved leaving only the edible ink.

Gymnastic Drawing

Find a picture in a colouring book, gymnastics book or draw your own. Place a sheet of edible rice paper over the picture and trace with a non-toxic crayon. Trim the paper as close to the picture as possible and set it on top of a baked, frosted cake.

Fill a pastry bag with dark icing. Use the small writing tip and trace the outline on the rice paper. Switch pastry bags and fill the picture with colours. A small star-shaped tip works well for this. After the picture is filled in, go over the outline with the dark icing.

3-D Decorations

Buy or make a birthday cake. Frost it to look like a gymnastic mat. Buy gymnastic-themed cake toppers, like parallel bars, gymnasts and balance beam. Use a plastic gold medal and red, white and blue frosting colours to mimic an Olympic gymnast cake.

Candy pieces make easy, edible cake props, too. Use pretzels and coloured liquorice pieces to mimic parallel bars and balance beams. "Hang" round candies from two thin liquorice pieces to make gymnast rings and a caramel candy set on pretzels makes a pommel horse.

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