Gadget Show Competition Rules

Updated February 21, 2017

"The Gadget Show" is a British television series focusing on technology, broadcast on Five, a British television network. The weekly show lasts for one hour, concentrating on giving information on the latest technology news and showing the viewers how to get the best out of technology. A famous section of the show consists of a competition in which the winner gets anything from 2,000 to 28,000 Euro in new gadgets.


The Gadget competition is open to all residents of United Kingdom, which includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Five, the television network that transmits the show, can ask proof of the winner's nationality, because this is one of the rules for participation in the competition. If the winner cannot prove his nationality, Five has the right to choose another winner who can provide such proof. Winners have to prove they have been in the U.K. for at least the last 183 days or more.


No minimum or maximum age limits exist to participate in the competition.

All U.K. residents can participate with the exception of employees of any companies associated with Five or any company involved in the organisation of the show and the competition and their immediate family members.

How to Participate

To participate in the competition, you must answer a question made during the show, which also appears on Five's website. To answer the question, you must enter the information by phone, text message or mail and within a week's time. If you call by phone, follow the instructions of the voice machine. To send a text, send the answer to the shortcode given. If using any of the previous options, the participant receives charges according to the standard operator rate. To send the answer by mail, write to the following address:

Gadget Show 144 P.O. Box 46556 London N1 0WW


After winners know they have won, they must go to a website provided by Five and select the products of their choice. Winners must then e-mail Five with a list pf all products chosen. If the winner does not write Five with the list of chosen products by a specific date, Five reserves the right to choose an alternative winner. Five will only purchase prizes up to the established value, regardless of prices fluctuations.


Entries submitted through third parties, agents or bulks, such as more entries than a human could possibly realise in a specific amount of time, will not be accepted. Entries that are incomprehensible, incomplete, incorrect or not received by Five will be void. Five will not refund any expenses incurred to realise an entry to participate in the competition.

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