Talent Show Theme Ideas for School

Updated April 17, 2017

Developing a theme for a school talent show is a strong way to tie together all the acts, makes it easier to promote and encourages creativity from students. While it is easiest just to select a theme, you can create excitement in the school by taking three themes and having students vote on the one they prefer.

Night in Las Vegas

A night in Las Vegas theme is a fun way to encourage students to create acts which include magic tricks, stunts, singing and dancing. The colours that typically are used for casinos is black, red and white, so use this template for all decorations and advertisements. Students can pretend they have their own Las Vegas show to showcase their talents with brightly coloured costumes, lively songs and captivating tricks.


Students who participate in a Broadway talent show can showcase their dancing and singing talents to popular songs from hit Broadway plays, such as the songs to "Mamma Mia" or "Cats." Even more exciting is to allow group of students to work on their own choreographed dances to perform for the talent show.

American Legends

The American legends theme can be used to encourage students to perform songs of great American artists. This includes Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Beach Boys, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and The Monkees. Students can dress as the star and sing to the music of their favourite old American singers.

International Festival

An international festival theme can encourage students to share or learn traditional songs and dances of countries around the world, and even play music on a variety of instruments. This is a fun theme, as students can be creative with costumes, whether it is a Hungarian, Mexican or Hawaiian outfit, and they can use a variety of props and materials.

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