6th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Your sixth wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you're stumped for a gift to present to your spouse. Each wedding anniversary year has a guiding theme. For the first year, it was paper. For the fifth, it was wood. The theme for the sixth anniversary is iron or candy. While candy sounds too simple and iron too strange, coming up with an appropriate gift is not terribly difficult.

Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware

If you or your spouse enjoy cooking, then a vibrantly coloured, enamelled cast iron cookware set could be the perfect sixth anniversary gift. If you have enamelled cookware, you can add on to your collection by buying a less common piece, such as a grill pan or a smaller cast iron Dutch oven.

Personalised M&M;'s

Everyone has their favourite colour of M&M's candy. For your sixth anniversary, order a package of M&M's for your spouse in her favourite colour. You can also pick a colour that isn't usually available in the package. Make the gift extra special by having your wedding date and a picture of the two of you printed on the candies. Pour the candies into a glass jar and tie a matching ribbon around the lid.

Camping Set

A cast iron cooking set designed to be used over a campfire works as a gift if your spouse enjoys camping. To make the gift even more special, combine it with a weekend camping trip.

Iron Jewelry

Iron anniversary gifts don't have to be practical items. Some artisans craft beautiful rings and necklaces out of iron. Iron jewellery is more roughhewn and less shiny than jewellery made from silver or gold, so it may not be for everyone. Some pieces of iron jewellery feature gemstones or pearls, while others simply showcase the metal.

Candy Versions of Regular Gifts

Put a fun spin on your sixth anniversary by giving your spouse candy versions of gifts you might otherwise give him. For instance, you can present him with a bouquet of chocolate or hard candy roses. Instead of a silver or gold ring, present her with a candy rock ring. You could follow the candy gifts up with the real thing, if you'd like or stick with the candy to keep things simple and inexpensive.

Waffle Iron

While a waffle iron is usually not actually made of iron, it is a fun anniversary gift, especially if your spouse is a fan of breakfast or brunch. Surprise her on the morning of your anniversary by preparing a batch of homemade waffles using the new iron. Make things extra cute by picking out an iron that lets you make heart-shaped waffles.

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