Ideas for Building a Shed to Hold a 16-Foot Kayak

Updated February 21, 2017

Kayaks are wonderful to have on the water, but they can take up a huge amount of space at home. If you have the room to do it in your yard, building a shed that will fit the kayak is a good solution. Because a kayak is so long and thin, the best solution is to build a multipurpose shed with a place to set the kayak on one side of the building. You could also hang the kayak from the ceiling, thus giving you room to store other items as well.

Minimal Shed

If you are pressed for space or materials, or really have nothing that you need to store other than the kayak, you can build a minimal shed that will fit only the kayak into it. A shed of this nature really doesn't need to be more than 3 feet high. A 16-foot kayak will require a shed with exterior dimensions of about 4 feet by 18 feet. Keep in mind that a shed like this really isn't good for anything other than a kayak, so only build it this way if you really want to store your kayak and intend to have it for a long time.

Boating Shed

A more versatile shed option is to build a larger shed that can be used for all of your boating equipment. If you have a cottage on the waterfront, this is a particularly good option. This type of shed can be built right on the shore and fitted with a strong locked door, thus protecting your things from the weather and from thieves. A boating shed can have ropes and pulleys that can be used to store kayaks against the roof and out of the way, and shelves and hooks on the walls for storing paddles, skirts, life jackets and other water-related items such as towels, snorkelling gear and inflatable rafts.

All-Purpose Shed

If your kayak is being stored at your home, you may want to consider building a large, all-purpose shed that will store your kayak along with everything else that needs storage, such as lawnmowers, bicycles and exercise or camping equipment. A garage serves this purpose for many people. If your garage is already full of stuff, or is actually used to park your vehicle, examine your property to determine if you have space for a large all-purpose shed. If you build a shed with an interior dimension of 12 feet by 12 feet, that will give you enough space to hang a 16-foot kayak from the ceiling if you position it diagonally. Just be sure that you build the doors large enough to be able to get the kayak in and out of the shed.

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