Easy crafts for toddlers for Palm Sunday

Brave Sunday school teachers dare to take on the toddler room to lead the Palm Sunday lesson. Churches see a surge in attendance during the season leading up to Easter, and children in class may be experiencing Sunday school for the first time. Make Palm Sunday extra special by planning crafts for the toddlers in your room that teach about the branches used by people to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.

Palm cross

Choose simplicity and not much mess with a cross-shaped palm branch craft for toddlers. Cut cross shapes from 23 by 30 cm (9-by-12-inch) pieces of white card stock. Draw and cut out 10 palm shapes from one similarly-sized piece of green card stock for each craft. has a free, printable 10-palm pattern available if you prefer not to draw them yourself. Paint each cross with liquid glue immediately before the toddlers make the craft. Let the children place the palm shapes on the crosses.

Make the palm cross even easier by checking the craft store for pre-cut foam crosses that feature an adhesive side on which to attach the palm shapes.

Palm leaf painting

Use real palm fronds as paint brushes for a toddler Palm Sunday craft. If your church does not supply fronds for the children, check with a local florist to buy them a week in advance of the craft. Add a squirt of liquid dishwashing soap to a cup of green tempera paint, or buy washable paint at a craft store. Roll up the children's sleeves and cover their clothes with paint smocks, if these are available. Let parents know you will be painting before class and give them the opportunity to choose an alternative activity for their toddler if they are worried about a mess. Place a dime-size dollop of paint on a paper plate and let the little ones dip their palm fronds into the paint then swirl it onto a palm-shaped piece of construction paper.

Palm collage

Let toddlers choose from an assortment of collage squares to make a palm collage. Cut palm shapes from 23 by 30 cm (9-by-12-inch) pieces of green construction paper, then snip each side to resemble palm fronds. Before the craft, cut green construction paper, green felt and fabric into 25 or 50 mm (1- or 2-inch) squares. Place these directly on the craft table within reach of the children. Rub a glue stick over each construction paper palm so little hands can select green shapes from the pile and stick them to their palm shapes to create a one-of-a-kind collage.

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