Ideas for a Caribbean Wedding Theme With Colors

Destination weddings to the Caribbean are expensive for both the wedding party and guests, but couples who can't afford to traverse the ocean for their dream wedding can surely bring the Caribbean home. With a splash of island colour and culture, a Caribbean wedding is possible anywhere in the world. A Caribbean-style wedding is ideal for summer weddings.


The Caribbean is alive with the vibrant colours of nature. Like the clear blue waters and yellow sun-baked beaches, the Caribbean is about living life in colour. One of the most vibrant of Caribbean colours is turquoise. Meant to mirror the bright blue water, turquoise is a bright shade of blue that adds colour to Caribbean weddings. The simplest way to incorporate this Caribbean colour is to dress attendants in turquoise. But remember the Caribbean is about relaxation, so make those turquoise dresses informal summer dresses or sarong wraps and allow your bridesmaids to go barefoot.

Tropical Flowers

Flowers are one of the most obvious decorative elements for any wedding. From bouquets and boutonnières to huge floral arrangements and centrepieces, flowers are everywhere. Use colourful tropical flowers such as the orange tiger lily, brightly coloured hibiscus, pink and white orchids, the vibrant orange bird of paradise and the fragrant frangipani flower. Wrap floral arrangements together with turquoise and yellow tulle or ribbon.


Island Brides suggests incorporating touches of the nautical into your Caribbean wedding with seashells and ropes with candles for centrepieces. Shells are muted natural colours bringing a touch of neutrality to the bright colours of the Caribbean. Use seashell accents in floral arrangements or on jewellery. The Caribbean is a string of islands, so nautical elements help to bring the islands inland. Take care not to overdo the shells or ropes, because too much can be tacky.


Tropical fruits are another simple way to bring the colours and flavours of the Caribbean to your wedding. In lieu of candles or centrepieces, consider making tropical fruit basket centrepieces. Use wicker baskets tied with turquoise, yellow or white ribbons or tulle. These fresh fruit baskets are exotic and edible. Use colourful passion fruit, bananas, pineapple, guava, kumquat, pomegranate, mango, starfruit and cinnamon. Add a touch of island style and substitute hollowed coconut shells in place of baskets for smaller centrepieces. Alternatively, use coconut shells to make flower arrangements for tables. The fragrance and bright colour of coconut calls to mind the islands.

Reception Games

Traditional Caribbean wedding festivities last well into the evening. Treat guests to festive Caribbean reception games. Conga line and limbo are ideal, as are calypso and reggae music, according to Beach Wedding Themes' website. Decorate for a fun reception with bright, colourful palm leaves and sandy accents. Light your Caribbean wedding's reception with fun bamboo torches, but only when the festivities are outdoors.


Caribbean weddings call for a traditional black rum wedding cake. Festive tropical fruit salad, Caribbean fish such as the blue marlin or lobster, and rice make an excellent Caribbean-style dinner for the wedding reception. Serve brightly coloured tropical cocktails such as mai tai, Bahama mama and sangria with dinner. If traditional Caribbean wedding food is more your speed, World Wedding Tradition's website says that traditional wedding foods of the Caribbean include curried goat, chicken jerky, fried plantains and conch fritters. Always serve food on brightly coloured plates, such as yellow or turquoise glass.

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