Fundraising Ideas for a Village

Written by nancy hayden | 13/05/2017
Fundraising Ideas for a Village
The sense of community created in small villages can be ideal for fundraising. (village image by Sergey Dyadechkin from

Villages can often be very tight-knit communities where everyone knows their neighbours, and because of this spirit of friendship it's not uncommon for the whole population to work together on projects. Sometimes, a local landmark, church or important building may need repair, and the only way to raise money is to get the community involved to help with a fundraiser.

Bake Sale

Fundraising Ideas for a Village
Taking advantage of the cooking skills of the village makes for a great fundraising idea. (cakes image by Maria Brzostowska from

Get the talented bakers of your community to bake cakes, pies and other tasty treats and then sell these products at a bake sale. Use a village hall or school hall to lay out tables from which to sell the donated baked goods to the rest of the village with all the proceeds going to the chosen fund.

White Elephant Sale

Get your community members to donate things they no longer need or use, such as old kids' toys, electrics and other knick-knacks. Sell these donated objects at a white elephant sale to the rest of the community.

Community Quiz

Fundraising Ideas for a Village
Find out who is your village's smartest resident and make money towards the charity fund at a community quiz. (buch image by Jens Klingebiel from

Invite the community to take part in a quiz night at a local venue, like a village or school hall. Perform an online search to find quiz questions to use and choose a quiz master to run the event. Charge an entrance fee for each team who wishes to join the quiz with all funds to be going to the charity of choice. Buy prizes for the event by visiting local businesses and asking for donations. Many will be generous, especially if it gets their establishment a mention in front of the whole village.


Fundraising Ideas for a Village
A raffle can be a great way to make money for village charities. (raffle tickets image by Alison Bowden from

Get the local community and businesses to donate potential prizes for a raffle draw. Sell tickets for the raffle from a local business such as a store, or restaurant. Set the draw date to coincide with another fundraising event, such as a bake sale when the whole village may be present.

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