Easy ways to get glue off of dentures

Updated March 23, 2017

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that fit over the gums. Denture glues, more commonly known as denture adhesives or dental creams, hold dentures onto the gum line. Household glues should never be used in lieu of denture adhesives. Using super glue to hold dentures in place is not only toxic; it can require surgical removal.


To more easily remove denture adhesives, make sure to use the minimum amount of adhesive necessary to secure dentures to the gum line. Three pea-sized amounts of adhesive paste placed on the jaw ridges and the middle teeth will offer a secure grip. Adhesive spreads out as it is compressed between dentures and the gum line. Denture glue should be removed at least once a day. Most dental adhesives are not meant to last more than 12 hours in order to facilitate removal.

Professional Cleaners

Soaking dentures overnight in a professional compound, such as Fixodent Denture Cleanser System with ProGuard or Polident Cleanser, is the best way to dissolve denture glue. Fixodent and Polident also manufacture denture adhesives. Using the same brand of adhesive and professional compound yields the best cleaning results, since each denture cleaning product has slightly different ingredients. Most wearers remove dentures at night and leave them to soak in a cleaning compound.

Hot Water

Using extremely hot water helps soften up dental glue. To achieve the best results, allow dentures to sit in a glass of steaming hot water for at least 10 minutes. After running the dentures through hot water, use soap, a tooth brush and running water in order to remove any remaining adhesive. Hot water will not act as a disinfectant.


A household bleach, such as Chlorox, will soften dental adhesive for easier removal. Dilute one part bleach with 10 parts of water. Bleach also kills bacteria on denture surfaces and prevents discolouration of false teeth. Dentures should be soaked for about 30 minutes. Any dental glue that has not dissolved can be removed with a soft toothbrush. A dental pick may be used to remove adhesive from tough-to-reach areas. Don't soak dentures with metal components in bleach solution.


Vinegar (acetic acid) is a light acid that works well to dissolve dental glue. Vinegar solution also can kill some bacteria on denture surfaces. Use vinegar in a one-to-one ratio with water. Soak dentures in the solution for about 30 minutes. Remove soft dental glue deposits with a toothbrush. In addition to softening dental adhesives, vinegar solution can dissolve tartar that has built up on dentures.

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