How to Tell If a Bird Is Pregnant?

Updated March 23, 2017

Typically very low maintenance, birds are great pets for apartment dwellers, as well as homeowners. Birds do not get pregnant but they will lay eggs to hatch. This is called being gravid. Birds will exhibit some specific signs to show that they are going to lay eggs. If you have a male and female bird in a cage, chances are that your female bird will lay eggs.

Be attentive to your bird's behaviour. The bird will start to create a nest with any material available. The bird may spend a lot of time perched on one area as they rest to store energy needed to make eggs. Some birds will also become more aggressive than they were prior to making eggs. They may also hide in a corner or designated area.

Look for physical signs. Your bird may show hair loss on her belly. This patch is called the brood patch and usually happens right before eggs are laid. You will also notice that the belly is rounder or distended.

Visit your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can check for pregnancy by feeling for puffiness or swelling from eggs. The veterinarian can also check the cloaca, which is the reproductive opening of birds, to see if there is any swelling or hanging. The animal doctor can confirm that your bird is ready to lay eggs. If that is the case, it will happen quickly, as it only takes a few days for the process of egg making.

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