Working for Yourself Job Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

People with regular jobs often dream of being liberated from their bosses and work environments---but not of being liberated from a paycheck. While running a small business can be fraught with stress and financial uncertainty, many entrepreneurs find that the rewards of working for yourself beat the drawbacks. Start a business that utilises a skill you already have to maximise your chances of success.


Sell people your services if there is something you excel at and enjoy doing day after day. These services can range from doing taxes to walking dogs to organising closets to leading beginners on mountain-climbing expeditions. Teaching workshops and community education classes on a given subject would also be a working-for-yourself service job.


If you have in-depth knowledge of a particular location or industry, start a kind of matchmaking business, serving as a knowledgeable intermediary who connects people with providers of goods and services. Wedding and event planning are excellent examples of work-for-yourself jobs that fall under the matchmaking category---and are fast-growing fields to boot. According to a article called "Young and Restless: Top 20 Jobs---Event Planner," the 10-year job growth forecast for event planners is 22 per cent. Other possibilities include personal shopper, romantic matchmaker (helping people find mates the old-fashioned way) and apartment broker (assisting people looking for digs in a new city).


Make and sell a product. Be sure that you have the skills to make the product efficiently and well, and that there is a market whose members will pay a premium price for handcrafted goods. Products you could make include nontoxic wooden toys, speciality bath products, baked goods, T-shirts, jewellery using hard-to-find materials, wedding accessories like veils and card boxes, and pet toys. According to an article called "10 Pet Businesses to Start Today" on the website Entrepreneur, "The key to success in this type of business is to have a high-quality toy and the ability to get the pet toy in front of as many potential customers as possible." You could apply that advice to many products.

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