Seaside Crafts for Children

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you have recently taken a trip to the beach with your children or simply want to incorporate a bit of the sea into your home, seaside-inspired crafts are an easy way to have fun and engage your children's minds. Crafts allow you to bond with your children and create one-of-a-kind keepsakes to treasure forever.

Painted Seashells

Painted seashells are a very simple craft that children of all ages can create. You can use seashells that you collected on the beach, or you can purchase shells in bulk from a craft supply store. Set out an assortment of coloured craft paints and paintbrushes and allow the children to decorate the shells in their choice of pattern. Coloured craft gems, feathers, stickers and pom-poms can be used to add style and personality to the shells. You can also sprinkle glitter over the shells before the paint dries to make your shells sparkle.

Ocean in a Bottle

This easy seaside craft will allow your child to keep a bit of the ocean in her bedroom or in your bathroom. Pour a small amount of sand into the bottom of a mason jar, and add rocks, tiny seashells, and miniature dried starfish. Fill the jar with water and a pinch of salt. You should glue the lid of the jar onto the rim so that your child does not try to open the jar.

Paper Plate Ocean

This seaside craft can be made from supplies that are likely available in your home. Have your child paint a paper plate blue, and decorate it with construction paper sea creature cutouts, glitter and other embellishments.

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