Responsibilities of an Events Coordinator

Updated November 21, 2016

An events coordinator works in the field of publicity, promotions or public relations. Events coordinators may be employed by organisations, corporations or charities, or they may head their own companies or work as independent contractors on an event by event basis. While they may have a degree in public relations, communications or related field, they all must possess strong people skills and be adept at multitasking.


Events coordinators are responsible for planning every aspect of an event, including securing a venue and setting up all necessary employees from waiters, to valets, to security. They oversee menus and decorations, making certain adequate amounts of food and drink are available, and that flowers, table settings and seating are sufficient for the anticipated crowd.

The coordinator sets up all sound system people, security staff and custodians prior to the event as well. The events coordinator makes sure the event has all required clearance from local government, works with any union requirements of the facility and oversees any required permits. The events coordinator must be a skilled negotiator and communicator, getting the best deals and employees to have a successful event.


A key responsibility for an events coordinator is handling the publicity for the event. Advertising must be placed in appropriate places, whether in TV or radio spots, or ads in the local magazine or papers or those which cater to the industry or cause involved.

An events coordinator is responsible for writing or seeing to the writing of press releases, and coordinates their release at different stages of the event planning. The coordinator should have good contacts in the media for maximum publicity. A good database of contacts to send announcements of the event is also invaluable. The events coordinator will know how to draw media attention to the event by including the right people or coming up with an interesting angle. The coordinator also understands the value of getting certain people involved who will be able to recruit even more people to the event.


An events coordinator needs to ensure every aspect of the event, from advertising to janitorial duties, stays on budget. This requires staying on top of bids for jobs, keeping a constant check on bills and estimates and having a solid idea of the number of people attending the event so money won't be wasted on food or alcohol that won't be consumed.

The events coordinator sees that all bills are paid promptly and maintains positive relationships with vendors, both to continue to have plenty of excellent resources for future events and to maintain the image of the organisations behind the events.

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