Art Activities for Noahs Ark

Written by mary davis
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Art Activities for Noahs Ark
God protected Noah's family and all the creatures on the ark during the great flood. (Rain image by Herbert Gremmelmaier from

The story of Noah's Ark from Genesis chapters 6 through 9 is a Bible lesson Christians are taught from an early age through adulthood. Even the youngest of children can create colourful and meaningful art projects. As kids mature, art projects can become more difficult. The basics of Noah's Ark art projects include the ark, Noah and his family, the animals, rain and the rainbow of God's promise.

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Floatable Ark

Give each child a gallon plastic milk jug and a foil miniature loaf pan. The jug can be pre-cut for younger kids, but older kids can use scissors to carefully cut the jug in half, lengthwise, from the spout to the bottom. Use the half without the handle for the floating ark. Kids can paint the ark brown on the inside so the paint shows through to the outside, but won't wash off in water. Use permanent black or brown markers to draw lines on the outside of the ark to look like boards. Glue the foil pan, upside down, into the centre of the inside of the ark. If desired, glue laminated pictures of animals and Noah's family to the sides of the loaf pan.

Ark and Rainbow Finger Painting

Give each child a paper plate. Help kids draw a line across the centre of the plate. On the top half, kids can paint a rainbow, following the rounded shape of the plate. On the bottom half of the plate, kids can follow the rounded bottom edge to paint a brown ark.

When the paint dries, kids can draw or glue animal pairs onto the ark and a memory verse strip onto the rainbow.

Animal Pairs Garland

Provide two copies of several animals to each child or let older children draw their own animals and creatures that would have been on the ark. Use crayons, markers or paints to decorate the animals. Each child should tape or glue one of each animal pair onto a long length of crepe paper streamer. Kids can tape a 6-inch length of yarn to the bottom of each animal along the garland. Matching the correct animals, tape the loose end of the yarn to the top of a matching animal. Display all the garlands around the classroom walls, if desired.

Art Activities for Noahs Ark
Make a garland using pictures of animal pairs. (Rhinos Basking in the sun image by photo novice from

Sculpted Ark and Animals

Provide clay or craft dough that will air dry. Have the kids use their sculpting skills to create an ark and some animals. After the clay or dough is dry, kids can paint their art projects.

Rainbow Bible Story Wall Hanging

Give each child a cardboard pizza or cake circle, 1 foot or larger in diameter. The kids can use markers or paints to create a rainbow edge all around the circle, from the edge to about 3 inches toward the centre of the circle. In the centre of the rainbow, kids can paint or draw animals, the ark and Noah's family. Kids can also write a memory verse on the wall hanging. Tape a loop of yarn to the top of the circle to hang the picture on a wall.

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