The Advantages of Microwave Ovens

Updated March 23, 2017

Using electromagnetic waves to cook food sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but however microwave ovens do it every day. An alternative to conventional ovens, microwave ovens have become prevalent in households since the last two decades of the 20th century. Understanding the advantages that they provide might just lead you to add this appliance in your home.


The most common reason we use microwaves over alternative methods of cooking—such as hobs, baking, or broiling—is time. The majority of alternative methods can take 30 minutes to several hours to cook, while a microwave often does the same job in only a few minutes. The microwave heats particles within the food by applying direct electromagnetic waves, which quickly warm food within the microwave. You do not need to preheat microwaves prior to cooking—which ovens require.


Hobs are often messy and you must disassemble the grills to clean them thoroughly. Microwaves are very easy to maintain and keep clean. You can clean anything that spills within a microwave by simply wiping it down with a cloth.


Microwaves cook quickly and within a closed container so require very little supervision. Normally you only warm food for a few minutes, during which time, no one needs to watch or supervise it. Food on hobs, or inside the oven, may need constant supervision to prevent burning or spilling.


The electromagnetic waves that microwaves use to cook food does not eliminate the food's healthy nutrients, which can often be the case for boiled food, such as vegetables. Microwave also helps to cook food evenly.

Safety & Economy

The danger of fires from gas stoves and ovens is great than the same danger from a microwave. There is very little risk of fire, assuming you use microwave-safe containers. Microwaves are also very energy efficient and use less electricity than most stoves.

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