Blight Resistant Tomato Varieties

Updated March 23, 2017

Tomato blight is a fungus that can ravage a tomato crop. The disease spreads quickly and tomato plants are most susceptible in wet weather or after watering. The best preventive is to keep your tomato plants dry. Using tomato cages keeps the stalks and the leaves bunched together, increasing the possibility of blight taking hold. Water your tomato plants at the base of the plant instead of watering from above to reduce the risk of blight developing.


The Juliet variety of tomato grows in clusters, much like grapes, although they are much larger than grapes. The fruit is oval and sweet. Juliet is resistant to cracking as well as blight. The plant produces tomatoes in as few as 60 days.


Legend is another early producing variety of tomato. The plant typically yields fruit in approximately 70 days. The fruit itself is large and sweet, with a rounded shape. This variety expects excellent resistance to late blight in particular.

Golden Sweet

Golden Sweet is a yellow grape tomato. Like the Juliet, the fruit grows in small clumps but the fruit is larger than actual grapes. The fruit is resistant to cracking, and has proven resistant to late blight.


The Roma is a larger oval-sized tomato with fewer seeds than other varieties of tomato. The fruit is meatier than other tomatoes, as well. This variety lends itself well to sauces and to canning. Roma has proven resistant to several varieties of blight.


The Brandywine is a large beefsteak tomato, with fruits as large as a full pound each. The tomato itself is dark pink to red in colour and forms ribs down the sides of the fruit.

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