Alternatives to Curtains

Updated November 21, 2016

Curtains are lovely in many ways, but sometimes a window may not benefit from a soft fabric dressing. Curtains can also be costly at times, and require tedious routine washing. By choosing an alternative to curtains, you can reduce the time you spend on maintenance while diversifying your windows with new trends and designs.

Cornice Board

A cornice board is a wooden valance decorated to your liking. The cornice consists of a front panel that faces the room, and two side panels that screw into the window frame or wall. The front panel of the cornice board can be covered in a fashionable fabric that matches your decor, or it can be stencilled with a wood burning kit for design impregnation.

Bamboo Shades

Unlike curtains, bamboo shades add a natural feel to the room. Bamboo shades are like blinds, but are constructed by dark brown bamboo wood. One choice of bamboo shade is the thin-slated, curtain-like style that often makes a perfect privacy screen. Bamboo can also be found in thick blinds to add aesthetic appeal and a solid structural element to the window.

Window Film

Perhaps the most recognised window film treatment is the black tint on a vehicle's windows. The same technique is applied to your home's windows to provide privacy and add character to a room. Window film is not just produced in black, but is available in patterns, diverse colours and grades of transparency. You can create the appearance of a stained glass window, for example, with the help of window film. The film is placed over the window and stuck to the window surface like a sticker. Press out any bubbles by hand and you're set.

Wooden Window Screen

This alternative to curtains resembles a shutter, yet with slats to allow light through. You can design and create the screen yourself, or purchase one already constructed. The screen is designed to fit inside the window frame while resting on the inner sill. Slats throughout the screen allow light to enter the room, yet these slats are close enough to provide privacy where desired. The screen is also hinged with two panels for folding, so the view is either entirely closed off, partially closed off, or entirely open.

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