Ornamental grass landscaping ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

People use ornamental grasses in all types of landscaping. Ornamental grasses come in varying heights from low to the ground to very tall, which makes them a good choice for a lot of different landscaping ideas. Ornamental grasses are hardy plants and most can thrive in different, even harsher climates. Use ornamental grasses in many of your landscaping projects for that extra element of beauty and height.

Grow Around Fencing

Grow ornamental grass to cover up fences, especially unsightly ones. Use the taller ornamental grasses, such as pampas grass for this landscaping project. Pampas grass needs little maintenance to keep it looking nice and growing well. Keep pampas grass under control by trimming the tops so it does not grow taller than the fence.

Create layers and depth to the grasses around your fence by planting the tallest grasses right up next to the fence and shorter grasses, such as a type of dwarf grass, in front of that.

Focus on the Grass

Make ornamental grasses the focus of your landscaping. Prairie grasses work well in areas where many plants cannot grow. Use prairie grasses in your landscaping if you live in a hot, dry area. Prairie grasses stand up well in the heat and also in case of a lack of rain. Accent your ornamental grass garden with some evergreen plants, rocks and even low growing shrubs.


Use ornamental grasses as accents to landscaping you already have. Plant some ornamental grass in locations where you may have pulled out dead plants and now have a definite hole in the garden. Use ornamental grasses, such as bamboo, at the corners to frame porches, patios and decks. Use grasses in the landscaping around your mailbox for a nice looking but easy-to-maintain landscaped area.


Add grasses to your landscaping but plant them in pots instead of in the ground. Use grasses such as leatherleaf sedge or zebra grass. This allows you to move the grasses around wherever you want to place them, and it also keeps the grasses from getting out of control and taking over the landscaping. Keep ornamental grasses in pots well trimmed and divide when necessary so they do not outgrow or crack the pot. Place the pots in any garden landscaping, around pools or even on porches, decks and patios.

Ponds and Lakes

Landscape around any ponds and lakes on your property using ornamental grasses. Plant wetland type grasses around the edges of the pond or lake as well as in and around groups of rocks. When landscaping with grasses around water areas, use grasses such as different varieties of fountain grass.

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