Cat broken leg symptoms

Updated February 21, 2017

A broken leg in a cat is also known as a fracture, and it is a serious injury that requires immediate attention. Even if you do not see the cause of the injury, there are still signs that can tell you if your cat has broken its leg. Being aware of the signs of a broken leg in a cat enables you to take action if something is wrong.

Favouring the Leg

A cat with a broken leg will not want to put any weight on the leg. According to, the cat will hold the leg off the ground, hobbling when it walks. Because jostling the broken limb is painful to the cat, the cat may also be resistant to any movement that involves the limb at all. Favouring a leg in this way is a serious sign that something is wrong, and the cat should be taken to the veterinarian.


A broken bone will result in swelling as the tissues surrounding the bone are damaged. Look at the injured leg and see how large it is compared to the cat's other legs.

Unusual Mobility

A cat's broken leg may be unusually movable or bendable when it is broken. Although the cat's muscles will stop it from having no movement at all, the leg may bend or move in an unnatural way. A sensation known as crepitus, which is a suggestion of grating or scraping, may be noticed when the leg is moved. Crackling noises may also result from moving the broken limb. If you suspect that a cat has a broken leg, move the limb as little as possible before getting the cat to a veterinarian.


A broken leg is painful to a cat, and the cat may respond by vocalising when the limb is touched.

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