Art Activities for Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Updated November 21, 2016

Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been a timeless childrens' classic for years. Children today still enjoy hearing about Goldilocks and her adventure at the three bears’ house. For young children, arts and crafts can be more fun when adding a story or song they are familiar with. There are many Goldilocks and the Three Bears activities that can be both educational and amusing.

Brown Bag Bear

Finding activities to do that are inexpensive and fun can sometimes be a challenge but with a simple brown lunch sack, construction paper and some markers, children can create a cute brown bear to play with. Simply take the construction paper and cut out arms, legs and ears. Attach these pieces to the brown back and draw on facial features and decorate with markers. A cute little bear has then been created for a puppet show or simply as a new friend.

Bear Hunt Game

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears mentions three different sets of opposites, big and small, hot and cold and soft and hard. Children can search the room for things that fall into these “opposite” categories. For variations, they can be broken into teams for a competitive bear hunt. First team to find all of the items on the “opposites” bear hunt list wins a special Goldilocks and the Three Bears prize. Prizes may include special bear stickers, a stuffed bear or even a hot bowl of “porridge.”

Acting It Out

Children love to play pretend. By putting on a Goldilocks and the Three Bears play, the kids will not only gain insight into the story and characters, but also have fun while they do it. The children can dress up as their favourite character and take turns acting out the story for everyone else. The morals of the story can easily be learnt through this activity while the children have fun doing it.

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