Shampoos for Dogs With Skin Problems

Updated November 21, 2016

Many dogs have skin problems, whether their skin is itchy, flaky or red. Some shampoos can help make your dog's skin condition better, while others can make it much worse. In general, avoid shampoos that contain artificial ingredients, such as perfumes, colours, chemicals and deodorants. Human shampoo also can irritate some dog's skin. There are several types of shampoos that are good for dogs with skin problems.


Oatmeal shampoos are highly recommended for dogs with skin issues. Look for a shampoo made with colloidal oatmeal because it is mild and will help soothe the skin. Colloidal oatmeal also has anti-inch and anti-inflammation properties, so it will work against the symptoms of your dog's skin condition. Let the shampoo sit on the dog's skin for 10 minutes so that it is fully absorbed. Most pet stores carry dog shampoos made with oatmeal.

Aloe Vera

Shampoos made with aloe vera help some dogs with skin irritation. Just as aloe vera is good for people's skin, it can soothe redness and itchiness in canine skin. Dogs that are allergic to pollen or grass may not be able to handle aloe vera shampoo. If the skin problem persists, stop using the aloe vera shampoo and try something different. Many pet stores and health food stores sell aloe vera shampoo for dogs.


Choose a natural or organic dog shampoo. You can be sure that shampoos carrying these labels are not made with synthetic ingredients that can worsen your dog's skin condition. Pet stores have many dog shampoo options that are made with natural ingredients.

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