Which paints to mix to get the colour coral?

Updated February 21, 2017

Coral is a warm, vibrant colour ranging from very light coral, almost peach, to very dark, almost brick-coloured. Mix the paints by measuring teaspoon by teaspoon. Keep track of the ratio of each of the colours for each shade of coral. Paint the different coral colours on the wall so you can see how it changes in different lights. When you find the perfect coral colour for you, you'll know exactly how to reproduce it in larger quantities by following your recipe.


Red is a primary colour, which means it can't be broken down into any other colours. Red gives coral its bluish tint. How much red is added to the other colours of yellow and white determines how intense the coral colour becomes.


Yellow is a primary colour like red. Blue is the third and only other primary colour. Yellow mellows out the red. Mix equal parts of yellow and red, which results in orange. More yellow results in a yellow-orange coral colour. More red means a reddish-orange coral colour.


Add white to yellow and red and the resulting colour is light coral. More white results in a lighter coral colour.


Add brown to the mixture of red, yellow and white to darken the coral colour.

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