3D Art Model Ideas for School

Written by tasha swearingen
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3D Art Model Ideas for School
Three dimensional art offers depth. (3d sunflower image by robert mobley from Fotolia.com)

Three-dimensional artwork offers an aspect of art (namely, depth) that isn't available in other forms of art. Kids generally start drawing simple designs and progress to adding a background, but these are usually still only two-dimensional. While three-dimensional drawing can be challenging, due to a need to understand depth perception and how to achieve it, three-dimensional models of art may be easier for kids to make.

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Picture Box

This art activity is a good one to do if you've only just started explaining 3D art to kids. Explain to them the concept of depth perception and that it helps artwork look more realistic. Each child will need a shoe box, construction paper, thin cardboard and craft supplies, including scissors, drawing implements, and glue. Have kids sketch out a drawing on their construction paper that has a background, middle area and foreground. They may draw each section on a separate piece of thin cardboard. (It's a good idea to have them trace the bottom of the shoe box onto each piece of cardboard and tell them to stay within that outline.) For instance, if they are doing a window model, they can draw the sky and clouds for the background, flowers in a pot for the middle and a window frame for the front. After they've drawn each section and have coloured them in, they'll be ready to cut them out and tape them into their box, starting with the background, then adding the middle and the window on the front.

Paper Mache Mask

These masks are very useful if you've just finished talking about art from different cultures, such as African art, which incorporated the use of masks. You'll need white glue, water, newspaper, and computer paper to start. Mix together 3/4 cup of white glue with 1/4 cup of water and stir together. Have kids tear newspaper into strips and set aside, then tear computer paper into strips and set aside in a separate bowl. Meanwhile, you'll need to cut an empty, clean, plastic gallon milk jug into half vertically. Just start at the opening and cut all the way around, with very sharp scissors, until you have two pieces, then cut out holes for eyes and a nose. One jug will be enough for two students. Have the kids dip the newspaper strips into the glue mixture and then cover their piece of the container completely. After this has dried for 24 hours, have kids repeat the process using the white computer paper and allow it to dry as well. They can then paint their mask with acrylic paint, allow it to dry, then you can spray an acrylic sealant to protect it. Remove the plastic jug pieces and kids will have a fun mask.

Paper Flowers

These flowers are useful for spring crafts and Mother's Day. Have kids cut out several 1/2-inch by 3 inch strips of paper, then tape them at the ends to make loops. They'll also need to cut out two yellow circles to serve as the stigma (the centre) of the flower. Have them glue one loops to a piece of card-stock and flatten, so it looks like the petal of a flower. Continue to do this in a circle, so the flower has petals all around. Then glue the yellow circle in the middle to serve as the stigma. They may then add a stem by gluing a green pipe cleaner to the bottom of the flower.

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