Games for Weighing With Scales

Written by bryan cohen
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Games for Weighing With Scales
Online games with scales and weighing (scales image by dinostock from

You can define weight as the force exerted on an object by gravity, the force being equal to the mass of the object times the gravitational acceleration. Explaining weight to your students like that will more than likely make them extremely confused. Fortunately, there are many games available online that teach students the concepts of weight and others that use scales to promote problem-solving or algebraic understanding.

Fruit Balance

Mr Pip' Fruit Balance is a simple game that teaches students how mass works by using colourful fruits. You can use this game in several ways. You can simply add fruits to one side of the balance or the other, to see which ones are heavier, lighter or balance each other out. You can click on the Sample Questions tab to find questions like, "Which fruits balance out two oranges or apples?" You can change the mass of the fruits so they are equal to different units. The game is a simple and enjoyable introduction to the concept of weight.

Coin Weighing

Coin weighing is a challenging problem-solving activity using several scales and is free online. In the game, you have anywhere between three and 39 coins.Using your reasoning skills, you must determine which of the coins is a fake. This fake coin will weigh differently than the other coins and you must determine if it is lighter or heavier than the others. The quicker that you solve the mystery, the more points you receive. This game is ideal for an enrichment activity for gifted students.

Algebraic Reasoning

The algebraic reasoning game, available at the Math Playground website, teaches students basic algebraic equations by determining the value of different weighted objects on two scales. For example, there are four gifts on a scale equal to 36 units and on the other scale there are three gifts and two drums equal to 35 units. You must determine the weight of 1 drum. The game rotates questions and includes three different levels of difficulty. The highest difficulty level tests your reasoning on three scales.

Weigh the Wangdoodles

The Weigh the Wangdoodles game teaches you to solve equations based on multiple variables. You have three different kinds of Wangdoodles (an alien of some type) that you must weigh. There are three different scales with different pairs of Wangdoodles on each. Based on the weight listed on the three scales you must come up with the weight value for each Wangdoodle creature. This puzzle helps students with equations but it also helps them with problem-solving. The game has colourful little alien creatures and many puzzles for a great deal of repeat play.

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