Common South African Spiders

Written by raine chasing
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Common South African Spiders
Tarantula spider (black spider. image by Yuri Bizgaimer from

Africa has many different spiders, some often deadly without proper medical attention after a bite. A spider's bite is its only form of self defence. A large variety of spiders are found in dwellings, homes, and tall weeds. Most spiders will avoid physical contact, but it's inevitable that they'll come into close contact with people at some point in their existence.

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Button Spiders

Button spiders are part of the neurotoxin group. The black widow and brown widow are cousins of the button spider. The brown widow is the more poisonous of the two. The venom of a neurotoxic spider affects the central nervous system, and once you receive a bite you'll need immediate medical attention. Black and brown button spiders possess different types of egg sacs. A black button spider's egg sac is smooth and pear shaped. The brown button's egg sac appears twice as large due to a thick fluffy silk covering over the egg sac. They are round and have small silk spikes, and produce approximately four hundred babies that hatch and eat one another, only leaving a few.

Sac and Violin Spiders

There are several spiders in the cytotoxic class, such as the sac and violin spiders. The venom of a cytotoxic spider affects the tissue around the bite site, and is not typically deadly. Sac, crab, and jumping spiders are often found in cotton fields. They tend to sleep during the day and become active only at night, though hidden in the cotton plants. Some spiders don't build webs at all. These are wandering spiders, aptly named because they wander on plants and soil looking for food. The sac spider is also a wandering spider. They're a free-running, aggressive night hunter, killing anything they encounter. The violin spider is a nocturnal wanderer that will rest in a web of bluish-coloured silk during the day. The female violin spider can live up to four years.

Baboon Spiders

The baboon or tarantula spiders are known as the giants of the spider kingdom, and are in a class of their own. They are very hairy, and can be brown, grey, yellow or black. Baboon spiders are ground-living spiders; they construct the lining of their burrows in silk, using the burrow to retreat under stones and rocks. They use different mechanisms to defend themselves against predators, one of which is the delivery of venom through their large fangs. When scared they'll throw their front legs backwards and open their mouths. Some are even able to produce a hissing sound.

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