Characteristics of a White Arctic Wolf & Siberian Husky Mix

Updated April 17, 2017

Wolf hybrids are controversial because they are sometimes unexpectedly aggressive. Wolf instinct may come through in even the sweetest of dogs. Siberian huskies are commonly bred with wolves because of their own wolf-like appearance. White arctic wolves are hard to come by, so finding dogs mixed with them is rare. But if you do, you can expect to see certain characteristics. It is impossible to tell exactly which ones will come through in a mixed breeding, but you can look for few basic signs.


A husky-arctic wolf mix will most likely have predominately white colouring. A white, wolf-like appearance is not a sure indication that a dog has been bred with an arctic wolf, however, because there are pure white huskies as well. It is still possible that husky colouring will come through over the white, in which case you will see black, red, brown, or grey markings, depending on the husky the wolf was mixed with.


A Siberian husky typically ranges from 20 inches to 23 inches in height. An arctic wolf averages 25 inches to 31 inches in height. If a dog is a mix between arctic wolf and husky, you can expect it to be larger than a typical husky. Depending on how dominant the height trait from the wolf is, you can expect the mix to be just slightly larger than a husky or as large as a wolf.

Fear of Strangers

Siberian huskies are extremely friendly people-loving dogs. They will make anyone their friend and aren't recommended as guard dogs. An arctic wolf, however, is very wary of people in general. If your hybrid seems standoffish, that is most likely a wolf characteristic, not a husky's.

Eye Color

An arctic wolf-husky mix can have eyes of virtually any colour. Arctic wolves can have brown, yellow, orange, or pale green eyes, with orange the most common. Siberian huskies have brown or blue eyes. If your mix has blue eyes, that is sure to be a husky trait since arctic wolves are not found in the wild with blue eyes.

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