Small Kitchen Seating Ideas

Written by janet veverka | 13/05/2017
Small Kitchen Seating Ideas
An island with stools provides an alternative to a table and chairs. (kitchen image by Rich Johnson from

A kitchen is among the busiest rooms in a house. In a small kitchen, it is important to choose furniture, and a layout, that makes the most of limited space.


An island with room enough for four to six stools eliminates the need for a table and chairs. Some islands are designed to store stools underneath, which saves floor space when seating is not needed.

Dining nooks

A small dining area can be created in a corner or against a wall. By placing the table up against the wall(s) and using backless chairs which store away under the tabletop, floor space is kept open. A folding table hinged to a wall can be lowered when the table is not needed. Small stools or cube chairs can be used for seating.

Table Shapes

Round tables typically require less floor space than oval- and rectangular- shaped tables seating the same number of people.

Bench Seating

A single bench pushed up to a table can take the place of two or three chairs and can be pushed underneath, and out of the way, when seating is not required.

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