Trash Pickup Tools

Updated July 20, 2017

Trash left to litter streets, parks and open areas creates an unsightly and unsanitary environment. While educating people to dispose of garbage more responsibly helps reduce the problem in the long run, you face the immediate problem of removing trash already littering the environment. Dustbin harbour dirt, bacteria and other pathogens, so using a trash pickup tool provides a safe and efficient way of doing the job.

Litter Stick

A litter stick is simply a metal or wooden stick that has a sharp pointed end for piercing a piece of litter and picking it up. This style of tool is ideal for clearing softer trash pieces, such as candy wrappers, chip bags and other paper or cardboard items. The spiked end of a litter stick enables you to pick up and hold a number of items and then dispose of them in a suitable trash receptacle or plastic bag.

Trash Tongs

Trash tongs resemble an oversized set of kitchen tongs, and they work the same way. Using one hand, you squeeze the tongs to grip and pick up one piece of litter at a time and then deposit it into a trash bag or receptacle. Trash tongs can open wide, making them useful for picking up larger pieces of litter.

Trash Grabber

A trash grabber typically features a grabbing claw that opens and closes using a trigger on the handle of the tool. The styles available range from smaller models suited to lighter duties, to heavyweight grabbers that feature a sturdier build and wider jaws to deal with larger pieces of trash. Simple to operate, a trash grabber tool can speed up the process of collecting and disposing of litter.

Trash Net

A trash net is ideal for snaring items of garbage floating in water. Looking much the same as a kid's fishing net, it features a mesh net on the end of a long wooden or metal pole. You can use the trash net either from the shore or while on the water in a boat to easily snag floating debris and remove it.

Holding Tools

Once you've snagged a piece of trash, you need a place to put it until you reach a garbage can or other suitable receptacle. Examples of this type of accessory include simple shoulder bags and pouch aprons that leave your hands free to pick up trash and deposit it into the bag. Other options include handle accessories, which you can fix to a small dustbin to make it easier to carry and use.

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