Varieties of Goldfish Suitable for Outdoor Ponds

Updated April 17, 2017

Goldfish are ideal for outdoor ponds because they can live in poor-quality water. They are also adaptable to different water temperatures, ranging from 0 degrees C to 35 degrees Celsius. Goldfish for ponds take about one year to fully develop. The cost of the goldfish depends upon its type, colouring, body shape, size, patterns and fins.


The comet, or comet-tailed, goldfish variety features a single tail and is very hardy. It is metallic gold in colour and can survive in temperatures from 18.3 to 25.6 degrees Celsius. The comet grows from 6 to 10 inches in length. It is very easy to care for and does well in outdoor ponds.


The oranda goldfish is bred in colours of red and white, black and red, or white and black. It originated in China and is often referred to as "Flower of the Water." It does not tolerate cold temperatures. It features a caplike growth on its head called a "wen." Oranda fancy goldfish require lots of care.


The shubunkin goldfish is native to Japan. It is gold with dark specks on its scales. Shubunkins also feature patches in a variety of colours: brown, purple, blue, white, red and grey. They survive in water temperatures of 18.3 to 25.6 degrees Celsius.

Black Moor

The black moor goldfish is also known as Popeye because its eyes protrude from its face. Another name for this fish is black dragon goldfish. The black moor, which originated in Asia, can live up to 20 years in water temperatures of 18.3 to 25.6 degrees Celsius.


Fantail goldfish are native to western Japan. They are bred in a variety of colours, such as calico, orange, and red with white. The fantail goldfish does not tolerate long periods of time in cold water. Its lifespan is up to 10 years.


Ryunkin goldfish are native to the Ryunkin Islands in Japan. They feature a round body and grow up to 6 inches. The most popular colours for a Ryunkin goldfish are bright orange and white. They live in water temperatures from 18.3 to 25.6 degrees Celsius.


Wakin goldfish are native to China and look similar to koi fish. They swim very fast and do well in ponds with comet goldfish and shubunkins. Wakin goldfish live up to 20 years. They thrive in temperatures between 18.3 and 25.6 degrees Celsius.

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