The Different Types of Greenery That Are Used in Floral Arrangements

Updated February 21, 2017

A beautiful floral arrangement consists of the right balance between coloured flowers and green foliage. Although foliage is added at the end, it enhances the appearance of the arrangement and provides varied colour and texture. Depending on personal taste, add delicate greenery stems between the flowers to add depth and give a fuller look, or place solid leaves around the edges that frame the arrangement. Greenery, like flowers, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of green, so select those that complement your flowers.


Thin, delicate, grasslike beargrass is commonly used as filler and adds linear appearance to an otherwise rounded floral arrangement. Available in both green and variegated varieties, it is added to the arrangement with one end anchored securely along with the ends of the flowers so its tip juts out over the blooms, or it is turned to form a loop and secured to the base of the flowers.


Magnolia leaves are added to both fresh or dried floral arrangements. Place the thick, deep-green, glossy magnolia leaves around the edges of a fresh floral arrangement to structure it and provide contrasting colour, or allow it to dry, so it takes on a remarkable shade of brown before adding it to a dried floral wreath or arrangement.


Stems of ivy placed around the edges of a bouquet or arrangement cascade downwards, adding depth and enhancing visual appeal. Available in green and variegated varieties, it enhances flowers in centrepiece arrangements or bridal handheld bouquets. Use the small heart-shaped variety to complement a small arrangement, or the wider variegated variety for a larger one.


The most common variety of eucalyptus leaves used in floral arrangement is the silver dollar. Used in both fresh and dried flower arrangements, the erect stalks feature tiny, rounded leaves that stand out even on their own. The greenish-silver colour blends well with pastel-coloured flowers, and the pleasing smell adds a touch of aromatherapy to the area where the arrangement is placed.

Lamb's Ear

This soft-textured foliage used to enhance the appearance of a floral arrangement resembles a lamb's ear, hence the name. Two types commonly used in bridal arrangements are the frosted green variety and the variegated one.

Song Leaf

Song leaf features hard stems that are easy to work with, specially for a beginner arranger. The spiky, thick green foliage is difficult to damage and provide varied texture to arrangements and bouquets.


Delicate, feathery ferns add an elegant and graceful touch to a floral arrangement. They last a long time in water and complement romantic bouquets and arrangements. Depending on the cultivar, some are different shades of green while others are variegated.

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