Dwarf Flowering Crabapple Trees

Written by norah faith | 13/05/2017
Dwarf Flowering Crabapple Trees
Dwarf crabapple blossoms are often red. (crabapple flower red image by A74.FR Ben Fontaine from Fotolia.com)

Dwarf flowering crabapple trees make hardy, ornamental trees that can be enjoyed at eye-level. Several varieties are available and add beauty to a landscape. They fall into categories by factors such as the time of flowering, the colours of the flowers, the height, as well as the fruit. Most dwarf crabapple trees do well in USDA Hardiness Zone 4, but some can withstand colder winters. The dwarf varieties grow to around 5 feet in height.


The Candymint has pink buds that bloom into rose-pink blossoms. The fruit this tree bears is red. It is best to grow this in USDA Hardiness Zone 4. The Candymint goes by the scientific name Malus sargentii. It has a rounded shape with foliage that in the beginning is purple and then turns a bronzed green colour. The fruits grow from 3/8 to ½ inch in diameter. This tree is powerfully resistant to diseases such as cedar apple rust, scab and fireblight. It also resists mildew.


The Adirondack is a dwarf flowering dwarf crabapple tree that blossoms late in the season. It is well suited to USDA Hardiness Zone 4. This tree has a moderate growth rate and requires being under the full blaze of the sun. This tree requires moist and well-drained soil. The leaves that sprout are dark green in colour. The tree has pink buds that open out into large white flowers and fruit that is bright red. The red crabapples attract birds.


This dwarf flowering crabapple tree variety grows well in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 6. This tree blooms in abundance. Its blossoms are small- to medium-sized white flowers. These attract many bees. With very little pruning and maintenance, this tree will form visually pleasing rounded canopies. Its brilliant white flowers eventually fall off to give way to the reddish-orange fruits, which are a feast for many little birds. In the fall, the leaves turn a dull yellow for about two weeks.


Several cultivators constantly tweak plants or allow grafting on apple root stocks. This gives rise to newer varieties. There are a few pending patent. One example is the dwarf flowering tree called lanzam. This gives rise to dark red buds that open into white flowers. This tree grows in a compact style and produces distinctly gold coloured fruit. This is a good ornamental plant.

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