Math Exercises for Grade 7

Updated February 21, 2017

Seventh grade math consists of a review of basic addition and subtraction, and then moves into the more complicated number concepts such as decimals, fractions, integers and percentages. Seventh grade math also teaches the basics of geometry, algebra and probability. In addition to understanding numerical problems for each of these concepts, the students also must learn how to identify and solve problems in word problem form.

Shopping Field Trip

Nothing breaks up the monotony of the students' day like a field trip. A shopping field trip doesn't require you to travel to a far away destination, any type of store will do, such as a grocery store or private retailer that you and the students can walk to. Arrange with the store in advance for the group to come. Give each student a list of items to find, and have them determine the price of that item if it was 10 per cent off, 25 per cent off and 50 per cent off. Not only will this activity give the students a break from the classroom, but it will also demonstrate to them how math applies in the real world using an activity that they will be practicing for the rest of their lives.

Food Decimals

Demonstrating decimals is easiest when using an object that can be divided into tenths, hundredths and thousandths. And nothing gets a 7th grader's attention like food during the school day. Bake several pans of brownies, or a cookie "cake." Cut one brownie or cookie cake into 10 equal vertical pieces. Show your 7th grade math class that one portion of the brownie is .1 or one tenth. Then cut 10 equal parts horizontally. Tell the students that the brownies are now cut into hundredths. Point out that one piece of the brownie is .01 or one one-hundredth. Before class, cover the 2nd pan of brownies or cookie cake with candies. Create rows of candies that are 100 candies vertically and 100 candies horizontally. Finally, explain to the kids that the candies represent one thousandths, and that each candy is one one-thousandth.

Number Cop

While many 7th graders can learn and memorise multiplication tables, they often only know one way to do multiplication. The online game "Number Cop" will help the kids think about multiplication in the opposite way, by looking at a number and determining what other numbers are multiples of it. To play "Number Cop," the student uses her arrow keys to move the police car back and forth on a road so that they run into the floating numbers that are multiples of a certain number. For instance, if the key number were '2," students would navigate the car to hit numbers such as 4, 16 and 22, but would avoid numbers like 13, 5 and 25.

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