Cove lighting ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Cove lighting is a method of indirect lighting which is built into walls and ceilings. The light shines directly onto the wall or ceiling providing a soft, even glow. Cove lights can be used as accent lights or for primary lighting, depending on the desired design outcome. According to, cove lighting is extremely versatile and energy efficient because of the use of LED bulbs.

Ceiling Lighting

Cove lighting can be installed beneath a lip facing inward from a wall, shining directly onto the ceiling. The lights can be used to surround the perimeter or accent chosen sides for a stylised effect. Cove lighting is most commonly installed on ceilings because of the potential to be used as the primary lighting source if the bulbs are bright enough.

Wall Lighting

Cove lighting can be directed to shine directly onto walls, installed beneath a lip facing downwards from the ceiling. Cove lighting a wall is commonly used to accent a piece of art or stylised trim. Rarely are wall-facing cove lights used as the primary lighting source of the room due to the fact that they face away from the interior.

Cabinet Lighting

Installing cove lights beneath cabinets will effectively and stylishly light a countertop. This style is becoming more commonly used amongst designers because of the soft, useful light that it provides. Cabinet cove lighting is most commonly used in kitchens to light food preparation areas, although it can be utilised beneath any cabinet in the home.

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