Pebble pool water features

Updated July 20, 2017

If you want to build a water feature in your garden and you have an inclination towards pebbles there are many strategies you can employ in constructing your pool. Keeping in mind the visual, auditory and tactile qualities of smooth landscaping pebbles you will be able to create a natural, elegant water feature that blends in with the natural environment and serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics.

Pebbles and copper

Combining natural pebbles and copper creates a striking water feature for your garden. For a simple installation you will need a copper basin, several pounds of smooth pebbles, a pump and a tap. Dig a shallow pit and install your copper bowl and pedestal, install the water pump and then spread the pebbles around the pedestal to create a bed. The depth and width of your stones along with the size of your copper bowl may vary depending upon your specific desires. Lastly install your copper tap over the bowl. To add more complexity you can have the water overflow from the bowl onto the pebbles into another basin.

Pebbles and stone wall

Pebbles are a great addition to outside water features not only for aesthetic reasons but also because of the way smooth pebbles feel against your skin. To get the most out of your water feature, create a small lined pond with a finished or rough surrounding stone wall. When the features is finished you should be able to sit on the wall and sink your bare feet into the water and settle your toes on the smooth pebbles. The tactile experience along with the trickle of water will make your feature a desirable place to relax and cool down.

Extending pebbles beyond water feature

If you want your water feature to appear natural and part of the surrounding ecosystem try lining the bottom of your pond or fountain with smooth pebbles that extend out from one or more sides of the feature into the environment. For success in this venture your best bet is to build the feature into a sloping region of your garden. Imagine a small pool contained on three sides, but one side overflows with pebbles that creep up a hillside into the woods or into surrounding fields or additional hardscaping. By erasing the clear boundary of your water feature you will create a natural river or stream-like appearance. Additionally if you wish the water to follow your pebbles outside the man-made walls you will need to install a basin and pump under the outlining stones.

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