Bomb threat emergency procedures

Updated February 21, 2017

A bomb threat can happen quickly, which is why it is very important to understand bomb threat emergency procedures in advance. In the short amount of time it takes to field a bomb threat phone call, there is information that you should know to write down, a process to follow for alerting the proper authorities and the necessary actions to take for evacuating people to safety. Study bomb threat procedures thoroughly so that you are able to react in that moment when a bomb threat may happen.

Caller ID

Make a note of the phone number on the caller ID of your phone, or if the number is blocked. When a bomb threat happens, you may not have much time to think about what is going on, so make writing down the phone number or blocked status of a threat call your first reaction.

Specifics on Threat

As the caller is giving you the threat information, be sure to write it down as quickly as possible. The caller may not give you a second chance at getting the information, so be sure you are paying attention and have a pen in hand. If there is loud noise in the room of any kind, then ask for silence immediately.

Notes on the Caller

Once the call is completed, immediately write down all of the details you can remember about the caller. Details such as the caller's gender, whether or not the caller had an accent or spoke in broken English, the caller's ability to give details about the bomb threat location, whether or not there seemed to be a sense of urgency or panic and if there were any background noises that may have indicated where the caller was located when the call was made. The more information you can give the authorities, the better able they will be at catching the threatening caller.

Following Procedures

Follow procedures for reporting a bomb threat immediately, and allow the administrators to report the incident and get people to safety. The bomb threat procedure can differ based on the organisation, but a bomb threat policy is set up to help avoid mass panic. People can get injured in a bomb threat panic if it is not handled properly. Report all of your details to the proper authorities within your organisation, and await further instructions on how to react.

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