The best sliding panel dog doors

Updated November 22, 2016

Dog doors are very convenient for pet owners. Your pet can use the door by itself, without the need for you to jump up every time it wants in or out. Several types of dog doors are available. Some of them require you to cut a hole in a door or wall and install the door there, while others are designed to fit as an extra panel in a sliding glass door and are easily installed within a few minutes, usually without tools. The quality and features of these sliding panels varies, so it is important to decide what features you need and how strong a dog door is required for your circumstances.


The Ideal Fast Fit Patio Panel Pet Door is a lightweight sliding door panel which is extremely simple to install. The main portion of the panel is 1/8-inch tempered glass set in an aluminium frame with plastic components. The flap for your dog is made of clear vinyl. For ease of installation and value for the money, this is an excellent sliding panel door. Due to its lighter weight construction, it is best used in more temperate climates.


The Endura Flap Thermo Panel sliding panel pet door is one of the best standard pet doors available. It is designed for easy installation and has several features not commonly found on sliding panel dog doors. The door flap is made of a special "green" material rather than the PVC used in other doors. This door comes in a variety of sizes to fit any dog, although due to the heavy construction the manufacturer suggests that very small dogs may have trouble using these doors. All of the framing is aluminium. You can add magnets to this door to increase its wind resistance. The door also comes with a sliding panel which allows you to lock your dog in or out.


Sliding panel dog doors come in an electronic version. The Power Pet door is a door which installs easily and is very durable. These doors are constructed of tempered glass and powder-coated aluminium, come in a variety of sizes and operate on either AC current or batteries. The main feature of this door is that it has an electronic receiver keyed to a code which is transmitted by a collar that your pet wears. For the door to open it must receive the signal from your pet's collar, which prevents other animals---or people---from coming in. When the signal is received, the door panel slides up to admit your dog, and slides down once it has entered.

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