Signs & symptoms of blood clot on top of foot

Written by ken mccarron | 13/05/2017
Signs & symptoms of blood clot on top of foot
Blood clots in the feet are just as dangerous as blood clots anywhere else. (Feet image by patty 2210 from

Blood clots, also known as primary thrombocythemia, are a potentially life threatening condition that can occur in areas such as the brain, hands and feet. Blood clots in the feet are not as well known as clots in other areas, but are just as dangerous. Luckily, there are usually symptoms that accompany a blood clot in the feet that can let you know something bad is happening. The fear is that the clot will break free and travel, ending up in the heart, lungs or brain.

Pain in the Foot

When a blood clot forms in your foot, it significantly decreases blood circulation and can, in turn, cause a great deal of pain. This pain will often travel down the foot to the toes and take the form of pricking needles or a burning sensation.


A blood clot may be the culprit if you experience a tingling kind of sensation in your foot that is accompanied by mild or moderate numbness. Any sort of persistent numbness or cold in the foot should also be cause for concern.


A blood clot will disturb the blood circulation of the foot and can turn the skin blue or pale. Sometimes there will only be discolouration in the toes.


Often times, a blood clot in your foot will cause it to swell. If your foot becomes swollen for no apparent reason, it may be due to a clot.


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